Praise for Bieber


Bieber recently tweeted his Believe album cover

Alison Pietrykowski, Staff Writer

Last year when Justin Bieber released his motivational and sentimental movie, Never Say Never, it seemed that the hype over JB would never die down. But with time, like so many other great things, his underdog story was soon forgotten. To bielibers’ delight and anti-biebers’ dismay, JB is back!

On Feb. 28, he disappointed many with his release of “Live My Life.” The song only featured Bieber singing for a total of roughly 20 seconds and was predominantly Far East Movements’ notorious electronic style.

Bieber quickly recaptured his fans’ attention by tweeting two sample covers for his new single “Boyfriend.” He asked his fans to vote for their favorite cover, which recreated the sense of family that so many bielibers thrive on. He went on to delight thousand with his single “Boyfriend,” released on March 26, about how he would treat a girl if he was ever her boyfriend. With lyrics like, “I’d like to be everything you want/ If I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go/ I could be your Buzz Light Year, fly across the globe” it’s easy to see why this song made a home in many hearts of girls, and even boys. Or, if you’re not a fan, check out Sophia Bollag’s critique of “Boyfriend” in her latest column.

Bieber then announced that he would be releasing his newest album, Believe, on May 26. The thought of waiting a whole month before another dose of Bieber to worship seemed unbearable to some fans. Predicting this dilemma, Bieber decided to make a music video for “Boyfriend” in order to satisfy his fans’ needs. He also kept everyone engaged by releasing teasers for his video on Twitter.

Finally, on May 3 Bieber released his much-anticipated music video which featured him singing, dancing, and driving fancy cars. The music video delighted many, but if you are one of the few who were disappointed by it and found it heartbreaking to watch JB with other girls, check out the Mirador’s version!

Bieber is releasing another song from his upcoming album this Mothers’ Day. The song is dedicated to his single mom and the proceeds will go to single moms around the country.

Bieber has swiftly won back the hearts of many and the anticipation of his new album will keep him on the minds of Bielibers worldwide.