The Animal Within

The Animal Within

Colleen Burke and Heidi Maupin, Staff Writers

It happens all the time: you are sitting in class focusing on whatever your teacher is discussing, when suddenly your mind is no longer there. It’s like an out-of-body experience. Often your best ideas and thoughts happen when you are spacing out because it is the pure and honest concept.

On a typical day, ones mind can drift to a multitude of things, but one always seems to stick in your mind. This particular thing, on this particular day, happened to be the spirit animal.

Although it may sometimes go unnoticed, much like everyone has an aura, everyone has a spirit animal. Some may not believe in them, but there is no doubt that spirit animals are prominent in everyday life.

The process of discovering your inner wild, domestic, or mythical creature is usually quite difficult, and it begins with finding an expert who specializes in discovering people’s spirit animals. And believe it or not, one of those experts may be sitting next to you in US History, like junior Heidi Maupin.

Once you find this specialist, let her stare into your eyes for a few minutes, at which point she will contemplate what animal your appearance and behavior depicts. Various ideas may be thrown around and even when you think one fits you, it is often not the best possible match. To find an exact spirit animal, the specialist must have zero doubt in their mind before she comes to a conclusion.

Becoming a spirit animal specialist takes practice, patience, and some natural ability. The more time and effort you spend uncovering the spirit animals of others, the more instinctual this practice will become. However, all aspiring specialists should take care to avoid uncomfortable, accidental eye contact during the staring and contemplating phase of spirit animal discovery.

This is what makes classrooms an ideal place for spirit animal contemplation. If you are having trouble focusing while being lectured by a teacher, why not pass the time honing your skills as a spirit animal specialist? Staring into the eyes of your teacher during a lecture as you attempt to uncover their spirit animal can easily be passed off as attentiveness. Various students have already used this strategy on Visual Arts and Photography teacher Deborah Hovey-LaCour, only to find that her true spirit animal is likely a praying mantis, which is a very respectable animal to be connected to.

Discovering one’s true spirit animal often takes days of deep thought and effort. Occasionally someone can take one look and tell you what you are but this is rare. If this is the case, it means your animal is very obvious and strongly connected to who you are.

A spirit animal can bring out a hidden side of you. It often reflects your true personality that has been hidden due to societal pressures and judgement.