How to Lead a Satisfied Life: See Live Music

How to Lead a Satisfied Life: See Live Music

Elizabeth Chenok, Staff Writer

High School. We’re living in the time of our lives, what we’ll refer to as “the good ol’ days” when we’re older. However, we’re also in a time of growth, self discovery, and stress. Lots and lots of stress. Leading a satisfied life is hard to accomplish, but it’s necessary if you want to be happy. Finding satisfaction can create a more fulfilled life and help you get through the tough high school days.

How can I achieve this satisfaction? Let me enlighten you! One awesome way to find happiness is listening to live music. Not only do you get to jam with your friends, the music is real and right in front of you. During a concert, you can see your friends, take tons of selfies, and lose your voice singing (or screaming) your heart out. While you sway to the music, your thoughts can float away and focus on the moment.

Different people like different types of music and we are so lucky to live in the culturally and musically diverse Bay Area which is so close to large music venues. Some upcoming concerts are Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes at the HP Pavillion on Oct. 14, Bassnectar at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Oct. 20., and Matt & Kim at the Fox Theater Oct. 26.

Concert tickets too expensive? Utilize the instrument everyone has: the voice. Sing your heart desire away, learn to play guitar or piano and even play with your friends. You can even come up with hipster band names and create music together. Playing music with your friends is a great use of time and relieves lots of stress.

Luckily for us Bay Area kids, some live music is offered for free. This past weekend, I attended Hardly Strictly Bluegrass which offered great bands, good people, and a beautiful location.

One of the best parts of seeing live music is meeting new people.  I found myself on a tour bus getting a free ride to the festival with awesome people. (Be careful what vans you get into, kids). The band gave us a quick ride to the park from BART and free CD’s. I thought it couldn’t get much better than that, but the concert was even better.

The festival was huge and awesome with a mix of all ages and different types of people, who were all friendly. The sun was out, the music loud, the food delicious, and the atmosphere had a chill vibe. The ground was covered in blankets and people lounged on the grass.

If you missed HSB, don’t fret; other festivals are coming up. Treasure Island Music Festival is this upcoming weekend. Annual festivals similar to HSB are Outside Lands and Warped Tour which are both occurring this summer

Music offers a vital outlet to de-stress, relax, and bring joy into your everyday life. Singing, playing, or watching live music can help one reach a satisfied life.

Whether you may be fan girling over the Biebs, being hippielicious with the bluegrass, or mosh pitting it up at a metal concert, music connects people. Talk to those around you at the concert, sing walking down the streets; everyone has their own music taste and choices. Keep an open mind, and of course, enjoy the music!