Justin Bieber Hits The Bay


Bieber soars over the audience whilst belting out “Be Alright,” a new song from his hit album “Believe.”

Kenyon Watson & Maddie Geary, Staff Writers

On Oct. 6, Justin Bieber took center stage at the Oracle Arena for his Believe tour. Bieber arrived in front of the screaming crowd attached to eagle wings, which flew around the arena. “His entrance was awesome but a little funky,” Bentley sophomore Hayley Reardon said.

He opened with the song “All Around the World” which is one of his better songs on the album. Beliebers were disappointed that he didn’t perform more of his songs from previous albums. “I would rather have heard old songs,” Reardon said.

Throughout the concert, Bieber interacted with the audience, which was a treat for fans sitting further away from the stage. At one point, the pop sensation stood on a device, which suspended him above the crowd. “He was literally six feet away from me when he was on the platform,” Head Royce sophomore Linnea Engstrom said. “I wasn’t even sitting that close to the stage.”

Near the end of the show, Bieber kept his tradition from the last tour of bringing one lucky fan up during the song, “One Less Lonely Girl.” Bieber serenaded the fan, while she sat on a throne in front of the crowd. “I was so jealous of that girl,” Reardon said. “I started to cry when he was singing to her. That is all I want in life.”

Australian teen, Cody Simpson and pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen both heated up the crowd for Justin. “Cody Simpson was amazing,” Engstrom, said. “He was so entertaining and personally, I liked him much more than Carly Rae Jepsen.” According to many Beliebers, Jepsen was awkward on stage. She performed too many of her unknown songs from her new album, Kiss, when the crowd only wanted to hear her hit song, “Call Me Maybe.”