Save Community (Again)

Save Community (Again)

Simone Britto, Staff Writer

A few weeks ago, NBC announced that instead of bringing Community back on Oct. 19, they were postponing it indefinitely to focus on promoting their newer shows. It feels like we’ve entered the darkest timeline.

Anyone who has known me for more than five minutes knows how obsessed with NBC’s cult comedy, Community, I am. I am basically Abed, a TV-obsessed, socially awkward member of the study group.

Community follows a group of misfits through their time at Greendale Community College. Occasionally, it can be too weird for some people. It doesn’t try to appeal to the masses. In the first season, there was a whole episode devoted to My Dinner with Andre, an obscure movie about a conversation. Last year, there was a Law and Order themed episode about a missing biology project. Another episode was devoted entirely to parodying Fox’s popular singing show Glee. Community’s weirdness is what makes it better than everything popular on TV right now.

Sadly, only about five other people at Miramonte watch Community. As Shirley would say, that’s not nice. I’ve been bugging my friends to watch it forever, but no one will take my advice.

I and the dozens of others who watch Community are outraged at this delay. I had defended NBC when everyone was bashing it for The Office’s lackluster eighth season and its poor Olympics coverage, and now it was betraying me like this?
Luckily, Community has an ardent, if small, fanbase. Last year, the show faced a similar threat of cancellation, but the Community community fought to bring it back. They tweeted advertisers, created websites and Youtube videos and even held flash mobs to get NBCs attention.

Hopefully, we can persuade them again. Only a few weeks after NBC’s announcement, fans have already started campaigning again for its return.

The cast even released a teaser on Oct. 19, the original release date, spoofing the delay and telling fans that whenever the show returns it will be Oct. 19 – in our hearts. Troy and Abed airing… someday!

Even if things don’t work out right now, perhaps it will be back in a few years with a triumphant Arrested Development-like return. For now, we can only dream.