How to Lead a Satisfied Life: Do Yoga


Elizabeth Chenok, Staff Writer

I am breathing in; I know I am breathing in. I am breathing out; I know I am breathing out. Yoga. Leading a satisfied life is important in the hustle and bustle of crazy high school. It’s a way to release all of your stress, anxiety and be present in the moment. Although some say yoga is just a trend (have you seen all the lulu lemon at this school?!), it actually is an enjoyable form of exercise many have practiced for years.

Yoga is good for your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Whether you practice at your local gym, at home, or after school on Tuesdays with Ms. Quiter, you can find it in many places in this community. Conscious breathing is very important when it comes to yoga. Slowly breathing at a constant pace is part of the culture, but it is also very good for you. As my yoga teacher once said, “the slower you breathe, the less breaths you take, and therefore the longer you live.”

A good yoga class begins with the lights off and some slow paced relaxed stretches. This is usually when your yoga instructor gives an inspirational and meaningful speech about life and how yoga is good for your soul. After warm-up, my favorite is to begin sun salutation. This set of movements repeated on each side helps strengthen and stretch further. As the class continues, the stretches and poses become increasingly more difficult- but don’t fear- at the end of class, you get to bask in the glory of Shavasana or corpse pose.

A great part of Yoga is the cleanse during it, it’s clearing the mind. You don’t have to focus on Becky talking to Johnny during lunch in this hour and a half of relaxation. An added bonus to yoga is the difficulty. If you want a pose to be difficult, the teacher generally will give you a harder version, but also easier ways to get the same stretch if your skill is not there. It is important to de-stress during the week and weekend. High school can be a time of extreme anxiety.

Check your body pose right now; your shoulders might be raised, brow furrowed. Your grades are important, but so is your happiness. Your social life is important, but so is your relaxation. Take an hour to yourself for some yoga. I have a few reasons I love yoga- the relaxation, cleanse, and great feeling after. Plus, you get the excuse to say you went to yoga, so hip. Take a deep breath and remember – you can practice yoga wherever you go. Take a breath. Namaste.