Life After 30 Rock

Life After 30 Rock

Simone Britto, Staff Writer

Liz Lemon is getting married next week, but according to the invite, not in a creepy way that perpetuates the idea that brides are virgins and women are property. After seven years of being unlucky in love, Liz finally found her Astronaut Mike Dexter. Though she claims it’s “no big whoop,” it is most certainly a big whoop.

30 Rock has been in its last season for a few months, but this wedding has really forced me to come to terms with it ending. Liz’s miserable love-life has been a recurring theme throughout the whole series (though I wouldn’t complain if I dated men played by Matt Damon, James Franco and Jon Hamm) and marrying Criss marks a new era for her. It’s really almost over.

How will I go on without Liz, Kenneth and Tracey? One of the best things about 30 Rock is its relatable characters. Every person I know is represented in the 30 Rock cast. Jack Donaghy is a slightly exaggerated version of my dad, and I think we all know a few Jenna Maroneys and Ceries in Orinda.

But the most realistic character is Liz. She is my role model. She may seem overwhelmed, but she is living the dream. She has an amazing job as head writer for her show TGS, a great relationship with her boss, and now even a husband. Liz may always be “blerg”-ing, but she is proof that you can have it all.

Liz and 30 Rock have taught me a lot over the past few years. She introduced me to night cheese and showed me not to be ashamed of how much I love sandwiches. She showed me how to dance out my problems. She just gets me.

The whole TGS gang has become a part of me, and it will be difficult to say goodbye this year. Honestly though, I am glad that Tina Fey and NBC had the decency to not drag 30 Rock out forever. We don’t need another Scrubs situation.