No Judgement But…

No Judgement But...

Colleen Burke, Staff Writer

“You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores.” The wise words of Tina Fey in Mean Girls.  Fey presents the idea that it isn’t men that make women feel self conscious and worthless, but it is our own gender. This is more true than I could have imagined. Mean Girls is a hysterical and fun movie, but it is also enlightening for the female sex. It explores the inner workings of high school students and how they manipulate people. Although over-the-top and elaborate, there is a lot of truth in there.

As high school students, we are confronted with so many problems, from pressure to conform to the party scene, pressure to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, pressure to get perfect grades and pressure to look just right. What people don’t realize is that we are only in this age range from around 14-19 and there is still so much time to experience life. School is for learning, especially this one. Miramonte is one of the top public high schools, the only problem is that teenagers’ judgement is so clouded by their peers.

There are so many programs to help students deal with pressures and judgement, but none of them seem to help because it isn’t as simple as “walk away” or “focus on what is good in your life.” Those are things so easy to say but way too hard to achieve.

High school girls might be the worst offenders. As one, I realize the strange cruelties that go on behind the scenes. While walking through the hallways, there are probably at least five girls judging and at least 35 being judged. The girls being mocked or talked about most likely have done nothing wrong and are preyed upon for no apparent reason. Often it comes down to self-esteem, but that’s too simple a solution. Girls are prone to being overly-conscious of what others think and say of them, and it’s human nature for them to think and say almost anything about their peers – it’s a never ending cycle that makes absolutely no sense.

There are the people who need to put others down in order to feel that they are higher up; they are scarce but noticeable. They peer down condescendingly at classmates who are smart or pretty and look for any and every imperfection and then attack. They peck at them until the prey feel helpless and unwanted.

I find no need or gain in attacking people without cause, or even with cause. It will do nothing for your life. And in the future, once everyone has graduated, gone to college, and gotten married, most of these people won’t even know each other and the ones that you do know are the only ones that matter. When someone looks back in their yearbook do you really want them to point at you and have negative things to say? Do you really want to look back and think wow I hated all these people? No good comes out of terrorizing and judging, no good comes from succumbing to pressures of conformity and high school “musts,” no good comes from believing cruelties said about you by others you don’t even know.