How to Lead a Satisfied Life: Drink Tea


Elizabeth Chenok, Staff Writer

As the cold winter season comes around, Christmas cheer can be dampered by the stress of finals. The semesters already coming to a close? Crazy! Students may feel overwhelmed cramming for the last tests, grades, and looming finals.

Don’t fret! There is an easy solution to warm up and relax: tea. Not black, caffeinated, or bitter tea, herbal tea is the solution.

The possibilities are endless: peppermint, rose, chamomile, lemongrass, lavender, and so much more. Herbal tea has many benefits to it aside from the bliss of drinking a nice warm cup. It can help with stomach problems, sleepless nights, has many antioxidants, relieves stress, and can prevent or sooth colds (Miramonte flu anyone?)

My personal favorite type of tea is any sort of mint tea. David’s tea is a new discovery of mine. Even as a Canadian based company, they have locations all across the US. Close to us, it holds two locations in San Francisco, as well as having an online site where you can buy all the tea you desire. Try Mother’s Little Helper, a blend with peppermint, lemongrass, rosehips, hibiscus, chamomile, valerian root, and cornflowers. After drinking a cup of this delicious bundle, you’re bound to fall asleep immediately.

David’s tea also boasts Chai, Green, Black, Oolong, Rooibos and Holiday teas. Add milk to the Chocolate Cake blend and have a delicious (and healthy alternative) to hot chocolate!

You may be wondering, “tea master Elizabeth, how does tea equal satisfaction?!” Let me tell you! After drinking a refreshing cup (or 3) your belly will be full of goodness. Then you can tweet about it like I do and feel super cool letting all your friends and followers know about your steaming warm cup (pictures are welcome).

Tea can bring people together. Many tea and coffee shops can be found in the area. Some personal favorites of mine are Café Meddeteranium and A’ Cuppa Tea in Berkeley, Bica Coffeehouse in Oakland, and good ol’ Peets Coffee found many places including Orinda. Catching up with a friend over tea is a wonderful way to connect and feel refreshed and coffeehouses provide a homeyness that isn’t found anywhere else.

Warm up your winter with a nice cup of tea, and invite a friend along. Who knows where your conversation will go while delightfully drinking your daily cup.