Another Not So Silent Night: Saturday

Another Not So Silent Night: Saturday

Elizabeth Chenok, Staff Writer

For thousands of Live 105.3 listeners on Dec. 9 and 10, their favorite artists enlightened their music preferences with live performances. Night one featured Jack White, The Shins, Of Monsters and Men, Metric, Gaslight Anthem and Two Door Cinema Club. Night two featured The Killers, M83, Passion Pit, Tegan and Sara, Grouplove and Imagine Dragons.

As an attender of night two, the atmosphere was upbeat and the audience was ready to hear some of their favorite bands. Located at the Oakland Arena, a short 10 minute walk from the BART station, the concert was accessible to people all over the bay.

Imagine Dragons started the show off with a short three-song set. Fans were excited to see them, but were disappointed that they were only on for a short 15 minutes.

Next, Grouplove took the stage. Their songs boomed through the stadium and their high energy invited audience members to get up and dance. When their hit song “Tongue Tied” came on, the whole audience got to their feet and sang with them while the two lead singers jumped and danced around the stage. Their voices sounded as incredible as they do on the album, and ended their set with “Colours,” one of their first hit songs.

After Grouplove, Tegan and Sara took the stage. Flaunting a shirt with a tiger on it, Tegan and her identical twin Sara played a variety of their music, some old, and some from their upcoming album Heartthrob. From the acoustic version of “Feel It In My Bones” to their new hit “Closer,” the twins brought their eclectic voices to the audience. Sassy as ever, Tegan shouted, “it’s my show I can do what I want!” at the beginning of her set. Their soulful voices mixed with amazing lights and background enhanced their set.

During each intermission, one of the radio hosts came on stage and played local music. The radio host was dressed like Santa, but with no pants. Before Passion Pit came out, the host told the audience that after this point clothing was optional, and Passion Pit may come out naked. Throughout the audience shirts were taken off and thrown onstage or whipped around the head. The energy was high for the next act.

Passion Pit came on starting with their new hit “Take A Walk” and continued their set. The high-energy artist jumped on the speakers and sang to the whole audience. Featuring red lights and pictures projected onto screens, Passion Pit blew the roof off. Swaying to the music, some with lighters in the air, Passion Pit’s slightly longer set rocked the Christmas socks off of everyone. Passion Pit’s best performance was definitely “Sleepyhead,” where the whole audience was singing along. Their song “Little Secrets” was a crowd favorite when during the chorus the lead singer held the microphone toward the audience as they chanted “higher and higher and higher, higher and higher and higher.” Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on what the audience expected) Passion Pit was fully clothed.

The audience didn’t think it could get any better, however as M83 started, a green, alien looking figure descended from the sky and stood on stage, arms above head while the audience cheered. The lights went black and when coming back on M83 was standing ready. The lights for M83 were incredible as well as their sound. Projections of stars, moons and the galaxy were out of this world. While performing “Midnight City,” their most well known song, the audience cheered and sang. The vibe of M83 was a more chill and laid-back one, asaudience members swayed to their techno-alternative style.

Last (but not least) The Killers (Not So Silent Night’s biggest act) took the stage. Flaunting a colorful lit-up thunderbolt center stage, they kicked off their set with “Mr. Brightside.” By this point, the audience was going wild and singing and dancing. The energy was fantastic – the diversity of the different groups of people who came together to see all of the acts was amazing.

Overall, Not So Silent Night amazed everyone who was there. Everyone thrived off of the music and danced the night away. As the concert ended and everyone began to get up and go home, the magic of the concert was still there. Looking forward to next year’s show was on the mind of many, as well as reflecting on the incredible performance they just saw.