The Tradition of Family

The Tradition of Family

Liz Berndt, Staff Writer

Family dinners have been pushed to the bottom of the priority list in my family. Each year we pack on more sports and activities, not to mention the huge increase in homework. My brother plays three sports each season and my sister is on two traveling club teams. My mom is on staff at our church and volunteers like the world depends on it. My dad works everyday and I have enough extra-curriculars to completely occupy my afternoons. This makes it impossible to find time to sit down and talk about our days and remember how lucky we are to have a healthy and functioning family.

The holidays are here to counter that. We have two whole weeks to spend time with family and catch up on everything an over stressed and overworked Miramonte student has to sacrifice.

Every Christmas Eve we eat dinner with our long time family friends. We go to church and afterwards join hands around the dinner table, pray, and eat a wonderful homemade soup. I cannot remember a time when we did not practice this tradition. Food is fundamental in bringing our families together and creating a time I will remember for the rest of my life.

Food traditions are truly some of my favorite. Each year we eat Thanksgiving with the same family, share Christmas Eve with the same friends, have Christmas Day dinner with the same people, and enjoy New Years dinner with our grandparents. We come together and laugh so hard our stomachs hurt, eat so much we can’t see straight, and always go home happy and grateful, all because we came together for a simple meal around one table with amazing friends.

This holiday I hope you sit down with your family and friends to share a meal and remember us high schoolers only have so many of these left. Remember; not everyone is as lucky to have a warm home and delicious food, so enjoy the things we usually take for granted.