We Just Want to Know How You Met Our Mother


Simone Britto, Staff Writer

Although this season was intended to be the final, How I Met Your Mother will be back for one more season next fall.

Haven’t we all waited long enough? Come on, Ted. We just want to meet the mother already. Your poor kids have been sitting on that leather couch for eight years listening to your stories about drugs, drinking and one-night-stands that no normal man would ever tell his children. Just get to the point.

While I have always been a fan of the show, after eight seasons and very little development, HIMYM is losing steam. Unless Ted’s wife ends up being some kind of ninja or wizard, the series finale is bound to be very anti-climactic. I’m getting tired of waiting, and starting to feel sorry for Ted’s kids.

Additionally, all of the actors on HIMYM have promising film careers ahead after the show ends. Colbie Smulders, who plays Robin, has The Avengers. Josh Radnor, aka Ted, was recently in the underappreciated movie Liberal Arts. Jason Segel has been in tons of rom-coms. Neil Patrick Harris can literally do anything; he currently has an amazing web show called “Neil’s Puppet Dreams.”

Unfortunately, with television everything has to come down to money and shows rarely quit while they are ahead. While CBS used to dominate prime-time on Mondays with HIMYM, formerly popular Two and a Half Men, and smash hit Big Bang Theory (now on Thursdays), NBC has overtaken them this year with singing show The Voice and the new drama Revolution. With this much competition Monday nights, CBS needs their most popular show around for one more season.

But millions of viewers and I have already invested so much time into this show. We will hold out one more year to see what happens, albeit begrudgingly. CBS, you have The Office-ed a great show. Shame on you.