A Belief Can’t Be Wrong

A Belief Can't Be Wrong

Colleen Burke, Staff Writer

One large question in some people’s lives is whether or not there is a God. Whether or not everything that has happened was in their plan or if it happened on their own terms. Whether or not they will go somewhere after they die. Whether or not they are being looked after by a higher being.

Was it God’s plan for me to end up in this city, in this family, and with these people surrounding me? Was it His plan for me to be the way I am? And if it is, do I still have a say in who or what I become?

Some say that God is a symbol: simply something created to give a sense of comfort to people so they think that they aren’t alone and that their loved ones are still there once they pass away.

Others believe God is something real: not tangible but someone up somewhere to guide each person in their endeavors and to make sure that if they stray, they don’t go too far and still end up a good person.

But to some, God is a myth: a person made up by some men to blame for all the things that had happened to them — it wasn’t them who caused it, but it was God and he will forgive them for anything done wrong if they just admit to it and apologize.

Any form of God(s) or religions is one’s own personal belief and opinion – a feeling of some sort. And a feeling can’t be wrong. Whether you believe in one God or many Gods, there is still the main basis of a higher power and someone good, pure, and protecting. Some have said that in order to heal from a disease of the body or mind, one must find God in themselves. But, again, that is a belief. Any form of higher power is intangible and mysterious and somewhat unbelievable, but some people believe in them and that is often what keeps someone going in life.

There are those who believe in nothing of the sort, which in a way is their own belief system. It is not wrong or right, it is a feeling and a way to live one’s life. In all aspects of religion, however present or not, the most important thing is to respect others beliefs and ideals on how to incorporate religion into their lives and futures.