Give Us a Break


Elena Wasserman, Staff Writer

Here it is; the worst week of our lives… finals. The week where you take a test that can either make or break your grade for any class. I don’t know about you guys, but my grades seem to find their way to the borderline point right when this godforsaken week comes around, how lovely is that. This is the time when every student has to try and cram everything they’ve learned this whole semester and pass what is basically the hardest test we’ve taken so far. Now even though it’s a dreadful concept that all high school students have to get used to, there is still one major question that we’re still all asking, why make finals after winter break?

Winter break is when all students get two weeks to forget about school and well, take a break. So why on earth would the school make finals after a period where for two weeks we haven’t even thought about conjugations or square roots? It just doesn’t make sense. Finals week is already hard enough, but throwing it at us after we’ve just relaxed our brains of our AP and honors classes just isn’t fair.

There have been studies to show that as students, we forget things. Why else would the first two weeks or so of school every year be review? Sure the information is still in the depths of our brains, but it’s going to take us twice the time to remember everything and then know it well enough to get the grades we want. Miramonte is a very academically challenging school and with all the pressures of college adding more stress, nothing good is being accomplished. All private schools do their finals before break, why can’t we? We would be able to leave for break with no worries in the world and start the new semester fresh and ready to go; not frantic and stressed about finals that we know will approach sooner than later.

I get it, I think we all do, finals is a way to see that we’ve been actually paying attention this whole semester and I guess it makes sense to test us all on it before the next semester begins. However, if the school really wants to see their students strive I can guarantee you that it would be so much more bearable if finals took place before winter break. So give us a break, that is after finals are over.