The Finals Aftermath


Youngjoo Ahn, Staff Writer

Finals are one of the most stressful time periods ever.  It’s especially that much more stressful having a 2 week break lodged in between. After testing, I went home feeling so terrible about my math final that I wanted to curl up in a ball. Despite the four day weekend after finals I still found it stressful trying to conjure up something meaningful or thrilling to do to make up for my boring and uneventful winter break. You know that it’s a problem when your parents comment about how little fun you seem to be having. I wanted to experience places that I had never seen before, however I didn’t realize how important it is to relax and that relaxing in itself is meaningful.

On Friday, I went to San Francisco with my mom because she had a couple errands to run and because I didn’t want to be at home because being at home was all I did during winter break. This four day weekend was supposed to compensate that. It really is a shame that I don’t visit the city since it’s only one BART ride away. The weather in San Francisco was surprisingly nice and it was a wonderful day to walk around. After my mom and I were done errand shopping, we had lunch and I ate gelato for the first time while waiting for the cable car. Even though the discovery gelato isn’t some life changing phenomenon, it’s a new “cultural” experience in my life; and one can never have enough culture.

I’ve always sort of taken my mom and her company for granted. She’s always the one who nags about cleaning my room and asks if I have even a slight renewal of interest in playing piano again. I didn’t know she had so many insightful and funny stories about traveling or gelato. It was a lot of fun spending time with her and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to really have a true Mom and Me day. It’s terrible to see how little I appreciated spending time with my mom.

On Saturday, I had a truly lazy day with some of my close friends. We relived our childhood with a Disney and Pixar movie marathon. A box of tissues was never out of reach, and by the end I never wanted to see another Sour Patch kid again. I haven’t had a movie marathon since a friend’s sixth grade birthday because I never felt as though I had enough time to squander glued to a TV. Between the time I spend on Tumblr and Facebook, there is absolutely no time for a movie marathon. Reluctantly, I did understand that if I didn’t procrastinate and keep ten tabs up while “studying,” I could relax more often and be more satisfied.

This weekend, I didn’t do anything that exciting or extraordinary. I didn’t go anywhere particularly special but I still managed to have a whole new experience of San Francisco. It was wonderful being able to catch up with my mom and some friends. Relaxing isn’t a crime and taking time to relax is necessary. With stress coming from all directions, I definitely forget that relaxing is a part of life. Take time to remember how important your sanity is by slowly regaining it in your own ways.