100,000 Strong


Hank Larsen, Staff Writer

On November 23, 1994 at West Broad Honda in Richmond, Virginia, the Barber family purchased their brand new 1995 Honda Passport. Almost 20 years later, junior Zach Barber continues to drive the car nearly every day.

When Barber moved from Virginia to California years ago, his family decided to bring the car with them on the trip out West. Barber not only enjoys driving it, but he likes to work on it too. “Sometimes I’m just curious what’s underneath a certain piece of plastic trim so I’ll take it apart,” Barber said.

From 2000 to 2012, the Passport sat dormant in their garage, rarely driven. Once Barber got older and closer to driving, he and his dad fixed it up after twelve years of collecting problems. “We replaced most of the exhaust system, valve cover gaskets, all new brake rotors and pads, and new shocks,” Barber said.

By himself, Barber did some work on the interior trim and soundproofing of the engine. He’s also put in a new head unit, speakers, and a 12-inch subwoofer that will knock your socks off (literally).

“I like the simplicity of it,” Barber said. “Everything is held together with screws that are easily accessible.” The simple elements of the Passport make work on it easy and worry-free.

“Having driven my mom’s new Honda Pilot and my old car,” Barber said. “A key difference is the power.” The Passport has around 175 horsepower while the Pilot has 250.

It’s been in my family for over 18 years,” Barber said. “But I’ve been driving it for almost two years now.” Barber’s only critiques on the car is that it’s a little too bouncy and that it could use some airbags.

The Passport is a simple, basic SUV that fits anyone’s needs. The perfect car for any teenager, Barber also has plenty of family memories that he keeps with him as he continues to use it as his daily driver. With just over 100,000 miles, here’s to 100,000 more.