Warm Bodies Review

Warm Bodies Review

Claire Marvin and Elena Wasserman, Staff Writers

Move over wizards, warlocks and vampires, the zombie apocalypse has arrived.  Well maybe not a real one, but  the cast of  Warm Bodies sure breathed new life into this undead comedy. The leading man, rather the slow-moving undead leading man, is played by newcomer Nicholas Hoult. Even as a zombie, his piercing  blue eyes are enough to keep any girl’s attention on the screen.

Although the trailer gave away most of the plot and ending, “Love makes us human,” there are still enough surprises and enough comedic relief to keep the audience engaged throughout this zombie love story. Though much of the actual dialogue includes grunts and gestures, the candid narration by Hoult’s character, “R”, allows the audience some insight into the inner depths of a zombie’s conscience.

“R” finds himself not eating, but in fact falling in love with a living, breathing human Julie, played by Teresa Palmer. Instead of screaming and running away, Julie learns to trust R and they find that the only way to survive is to stick together.

Throughout the film, Julie’s over-protective father, played by John Malkovich, and the evil Bonies (zombies that are too far dead to ever become human again) provide some pretty serious hurdles for R and Julie to get over.

Even though the movie started off on an unexpectedly somber note, many of the movie’s highlights came from the funny interjections by Rob Corddry’s zombie character, “M”. Without M, the movie would be as lifeless as the zombies in it.

This movie turns the classic zombie tale on its head by giving the audience a chance to root for the dead guys. Pale and supposedly unfeeling, the zombies are the ones who ultimately bring out the humanity in this barely breathing world.

So if you’re dying to liven up your weekend, go see Warm Bodies.