How to Lead a Satisfied Life: Surround Yourself With Good People


Elizabeth Chenok, Staff Writer

In my short 16 years, I’ve found one constant in my life that keeps me going: friendship. My friends are the best friends out there. They help define who I am, what my choices are, what I say, and my morals. They open me up to new possibilities, let me into their cultures and family traditions, and are a huge support system for me.

Connection is one of the most important parts of leading a satisfied life. Whether that be with a family member, friend, or partner, having an outlet to share and laugh with is something uncompromisable.

Friends are people who are there to listen, to laugh, to do crazy things with and not care. They’re the people in high school that help shape your identity, and that give you advice. They’re the people who you laugh over dumb things that other people don’t understand. They’re the baseline of happiness.

Aside from having a group of friends you can always rely on, creating connections with those in your classes is vital to leading a satisfied high school life. From talking during free times in class as well as having people that you can comfortably ask for help and share opinions on things will create a more intellectually stimulating discussion in class as well as in your school work.

In high school, finding your niche and group of friends may come easier to some than others, but having a few go-to people is really important. Despite all the negativity of “cliqueyness” in Orinda, there are some incredible people at this school. Don’t judge a person before you get to know them- some people that I am close with I never would have expected to be my friend.

There are so many people who have incredible stories that some don’t get to hear because of reputation or stories heard before. Try to expand your bubble with someone unexpected. Having friends outside of your group is something that I consider extremely important. Whether they attend Miramonte or not, they’re people who are good to confide in and spend time with.

Expanding your group of friends outside of Miramonte can sound intimidating, but it is one of the most rewarding things. When someone doesn’t know everyone who goes to your school, conversation tends to be deeper and more focused on each other because there isn’t the tendency to gossip. I love saying that I have friends all over California- from SoCal, Piedmont, Sacramento, Auburn, all over.

I hope after reading this, you realize and appreciate your friends more than you may have in the past. Give an extra hug or share a compliment because you never know if they need it. Relationships with your friends could be everlasting, and there’s only a few years left to cherish that time before moving onto a new adventure. Drink some tea, share a laugh, and smile because you are lucky to be surrounded with such wonderful people.