Being a Part of a Community

Being a Part of a Community

Simone Britto, Staff Writer

As I have already made very apparent, I am absolutely obsessed with NBC’s cult sitcom Community. A few weeks ago, I had the most amazing opportunity to attend CommuniCon, the first annual convention for Community fans.

It was the most amazing weekend of my life. While I have convinced a few of my friends to watch the show, few have connected with it the way I have. I still face judgement from my friends for relating everything that happens to us to The Greendale Seven.

The convention was held at Los Angeles City College, where many of the outdoor scenes were shot for the show. I felt like I was really at Greendale Community College, like the study group was just around the corner somewhere up to some crazy shenanigans.

The convention wasn’t affiliated with NBC; it was completely fan organized. It was amazing to meet a group of people that love this show as much as I do. One fan was so passionate about the show that he created a video game based on an episode. Many other fans were inspired to make awesome art.

The first day started with a writers panel, where the writers of the show talked and answered questions. They clearly loved the experience because the fans are their inspiration.

Embarrassing for them, the fans crushed the writers in trivia. We knew their own work better than they did.

The sense of community I felt with the other fans was really incredible. Everyone there loved the show as much as I do. Everyone there fangirled over Dan Harmon, the genius behind the whole show. During trivia, instead of being mocked for knowing Troy’s exact birth date or Starburns’s real name, I was celebrated.

The same thing that made me weird here at home brought me together with a couple hundred other people. I found a new definition of the word Community.