High School Madness


Youngjoo Ahn, Staff Writer

Time management is one of my biggest problems. It’s a valuable skill that comes in handy while planning anything from what to do after school to a whole week in the summer where a friend you haven’t seen in years plans to visit you. This year my lack of time management skills hadn’t been too big of a problem until February started to wind down. While March is usually the month where professional basketball players prepare for the NCAA championship, it seems like high schoolers have a March madness of our own.

This week is one of those times where I wish teachers would actually use the testing schedule made by the school. I know it may be inconvenient to plan the week according to a testing day but it relieves so much stress and pressure for students. It’s a terrible feeling to finish an in class essay just to realize another test is waiting for you third period.

The other problem with tests on the same day is finding time to study. How exactly are you supposed to study for three different tests? How can you study the subjunctive, memorize ten different types of series, and finish a biology lab about eukaryotes and still get the recommended 9 hours of sleep? Is there anyone who finds a way to sleep for 9 hours? I wish I could say that this week was a rare occurrence. There always seems to be a certain time period where all teachers think that it’s a good time for a test.

I never knew how busy the month of March was until I took a two-minute break to look at my agenda. It’s full of little scrawls hinting at all the things I have to do. Registration for AP tests in May have already started. The National Forensic League and the Golden Gate State Association decided that March is the perfect time to hold four Saturdays of state and national qualifying tournaments. The week after a 6 AM to 9:45 PM debate tournament is the dreaded SAT. Two weeks after the SAT is junior prom. Some students have had to choose between junior prom, a mock trial tournament, and a public speaking tournament because all three of these happen to be on the same day.

There are 365 days of the year and yet everything seems to jumble together, at least in March. Although time management is essential, not being stressed out is equally as important. Sometimes waking up earlier to finish a homework assignment is a better tactic than pulling an all-nighter. So the next time you feel stressed out just by staring at your agenda, have a cup of tea and breathe.