How To Lead a Satisfied Life: Get Outdoors!


Elizabeth Chenok, Staff Writer

Walk outside, take a deep breath, and embrace nature. Fresh air is not hard to come by, especially in a beautiful suburb, so why do we find ourselves looking up into our rooms and going on our computers? Spring is coming, and the sun is beginning to shine!

I found myself laying on the grass outside during Journalism, stressed out about the SAT and all the other things I had to do that week, however within 10 minutes, I was completely relaxed. The warm sun on my face not only gave me some good ol’ vitamin D, it reassured me in a way that summer was coming indeed, and that what I was stressing about was only temporary.

Getting time outside is vital to leading a satisfied life. We are from the outdoors, and yes winter was time for snuggling inside by the fireplace, but now that the California cold is departing, we can really appreciate the outdoors.

We have so many great places to explore outside in our area! The Lafayette Reservoir is a beautiful 3 mile walk that is fairly simple. Get out there with friends! I Walk the Res almost every Saturday with some of my closest friends and grab smoothies after.

Other locations include Tilden Park, the Orinda Park and Lake Cascade. Taking a walk is good for the body and the mind.

Suburb life is lucky with clean air and not much sound, so step outside, lay on the ground, or take a walk! Do it with friends, a partner, your family. Make it a tradition or time of peace for whoever you may be with.

Be happy, take a deep breath, and reach up to the sun. Get your daily dose of Vitamin D and ponder in your thoughts. Winter is passing and as the warm days come in appreciate them before they’re gone!

Don’t forget the joy of the outdoors. Simplicity at it’s best. Very few times now-a-days do we really value a hike, we would prefer to stay inside and watch TV or play video games. Remember that your time is limited and wherever you may adventure next might not have the benefits that we do here.

Breathe in and out. Feel the warm breeze in your body and soul. Alive, outside, and great. “Although there may not be wi-fi in the forest, I can guarantee there will be a better connection.”