How To Lead a Satisfied Life: Appreciate the Little Things

How To Lead a Satisfied Life: Appreciate the Little Things

Elizabeth Chenok, Staff Writer

In my honors English class, which is of course a wonderful community to have, we just finished Our Town, a play by Thorton Wilder. Why am I writing about an English class you might ask? Well, this play focuses on one of the most important concepts that is taken for granted every day: the little things.

We wake up too early for our own good and zombie through school half sleeping most of the day. We rarely appreciate the beautiful area we live in, how safe a community we have and how wonderful our teachers are.

Take a moment to look around. Realize all you have. Appreciate your friends, or your family, or whatever you find most important to you. Take a breath. You can breathe, you can move. You have memories in this town, memories outside in wherever you have traveled. But we so often forget it caught up in the whirlwind of exhaustion, school work, and drama.

“It takes life to love life.” This quote could not be more relevant or true. Think about the times that you’ve had to experience life at it’s hardest. The stress, the agony, the overwhelming nature of life. Think about the times when life couldn’t have been better; a vacation, a night out with friends, or a really great class. Now think about times when life was mundane or average. Every day. Piece these moments of life together.

It takes life to love life. Without the stress you couldn’t appreciate the relaxation. The little pieces all put together, forming your big picture. How could you lead a satisfied life without the knowledge of all these things together? How could you feel satisfaction after completing a challenging goal if it wasn’t challenging to reach it?

Take some extra time to breathe, relax, and appreciate all that is around you. Whether good or bad, there is a purpose that its present in your life. Keep that in mind when practicing leading a satisfied life.

So ponder this thought: cumulate the little things, the big things, the seemingly unimportant and boring, and the most exciting and try to imagine life without each bit. Would the highs be as high? Would the moments of joy and appreciation come as often? I can guarantee the answer is no.