April Fools!


Sophomore Colin Bean celebrated the occasion by fooling his fellow staffer, junior Jack Garrett.

Youngjoo Ahn, Staff Writer

​April Fools’ Day is a cruel holiday for everyone, but especially those who are extremely gullible. I have a hard time understanding sarcasm even when it’s not some nationally recognized day to pull pranks. As a second grader, I once believed that my hair had suddenly turned blonde. I’ve improved significantly since then. In past April Fools’ Days, I’ve had to deal with phone settings switched to strange languages, pens dipped in clear nail polish, and even an elaborate scheme involving water balloons and a fake group photo. In my middle school, the popular thing to do was ask a cooperative teacher for fake detention passes to take home. This year, April Fools’ Day happened to fall on spring break. I had my hopes set high that this time I’d be able to relax my nerves.

​Such was not the case I discovered, starting from the day before April Fools’ Day. Many huge technology based companies began the trend of online pranks. Google Nose was released and I spent a good amount of time smelling my screen. The worst part was that I was half convinced I was smelling a campfire too. Since that moment, Google has released many more online jokes ranging from Gmail Motion to online Treasure Maps.

​Other companies were not to be left behind. Vimeo changed their website to Vimeow for the day with the tagline “your cat videos belong here.” BBC announced that the Earth had exploded. Twitter publicized that they would be charging five dollars for the use of vowels. Those who didn’t want to pay could use Twttr, the basic service. Youtube announced that after eight years, it’s finally time to pick the winner of the best Internet video contest. Youtube is to start up again in 2023 with the one winning video. Hulu is only featuring fictional TV shows.

​The Kid President helped the White House pull of their prank and Kayak.com released a new “dates” section. Social media and technology have broadened the ways we are tricked all in good fun. Maybe next year, I’ll actually expect the influx of ingenious pranks online.