Who to Believe

Who to Believe

Elena Wasserman, Breaking News Editor

Everyone is raised differently. Some struggled in their early years, others had the childhood of their life. Some went to church on Sundays, others slept in and had chocolate chip pancakes with a mountain of powdered sugar on top. We all were brought up differently, and we all have come to believe in different things.

From an early age some were taught the Bible, others the Torah, or the Koran, or the Thich Nhat Hanh, and some not from any book at all. Every person from every different sort of Religion has their own set of beliefs, and those beliefs differ from many others. It’s hard to say which Religion is “right” or “wrong,” but it’s also hard to say if there could ever be a right or wrong. Religion isn’t one of those things that is simply an opinion. Two people disagreeing on the best color or best food is different from two people disagreeing on how we, people, came to be and what purpose we have in this world.

While some Christians believe Jesus is our savior, Jews believe there is still a prophecy to come, but hasn’t yet. Some Christians also believe that the earth is only 10,000 years old and was created in seven days. No evolution, just one creator and all of the people he created. Many would say that’s absurd, others would say that’s what is, with no question about it.

When facing these differences on these subjects, it’s hard to know where to draw the line. Because this isn’t someone’s opinion on the color blue, it’s their view on life itself and how it came to be and how they’re a part of it. Have we all been sent here for a reason? Is there a greater power, and is it God? When we die do we go to heaven/hell or do we live again? When faced with these questions, everyone has their own way of answering it, and as hard as it is to grasp, it’s perfectly okay.

We all have been raised differently, met different people, faced different obstacles, and grown to believe in different things. The hardest part for us is to know that it’s okay that we’ve all come to believe in different things and there is no use to try and change other peoples views, but just respect them and hold true to whatever suits you.

An argument can be made for how everything came to be, why, and how, from every possible view imaginable, but it must be understood that it’s okay that those different beliefs exist and that they’re not all the same.

It’s a tricky subject, life. It’s hard to grasp all that comes with it, and why, and how. We, people, have been given this magnificent thing with a magnificent intelligence, and in between the days of happiness and despair we try and understand why we are who we are and why on earth we are here.

The answers to these questions haunt us all, and all of them are different, some aren’t even answers at all. However, there is one thing we can all agree on, to disagree.