Youngjoo Ahn, Feature Editor

The last week of May is a truly bittersweet time. It’s that last moment before you finally realize that the end is near. Almost all of that crazy testing is over, for now, and it gives you a moment just to think of how fast time flies by.

I remember when I was six and I was getting one of my important immunization shots. The doctor told me that I didn’t have to come back until I was eleven. I was overjoyed and confident that that day would never come. Soon enough it was my eleventh birthday and my mother dragged me to the doctor’s office. Although these tests, college admissions, and school in general are important, it’s also crucial not to waste so much time worrying. The things you remember most are not test scores or a report card. You remember all the little memories that made you laugh. Even though Mr. Plant’s BC class is one of the hardest classes in my schedule, I won’t remember the specific tests or what I got them. I’ll remember his funny stories and my embarrassing moments. It can be hard to smile during back to back testing and cramming for future exams but life means practically nothing if you don’t take time to enjoy it.

May marks a transition period for everyone, whether it’s that daunting moment before high school, or the last moment of college. I attended a graduation last Monday for a Berkeley senior. Although it was one of her happiest moments, I could see that she was sad to leave it all behind. It’s tough to transition, but necessary all the same. I remember how excited I was during my elementary graduation, and I can’t believe that I’ll be graduating once again next year.

I’m definitely not ready to be a senior. Everything feels so sudden. I’m clinging on to each and every remaining day in anticipation and anxiety for the future. I remember the moments when my parents would ask me about college and I would just shrug it off saying that there was no need to worry about it. Well, it’s a good thing that there’s a whole two months of summer vacation to get used to it.