Social Situations: Kickoff


Claire Marvin, Reviews and Columns Editor

Although a new year doesn’t technically start until January first, I believe a new year truly begins when the leaves begin to change colors and the smell of pumpkin pie is wafting through the air. Fall is kickoff time in more ways than one.

Fall literally is kickoff time for football fans around the nation. Thursdays through Mondays I cannot walk in the front door of my house without hearing the blaring voice of a sportscaster, the continuous roar of a crowd, or the frantic whistles of a referee booming from our surround-sound speakers. Every other Friday night during the fall, our high school football team plays a home game and all I can say is that no other sport in America truly brings people together quite like football. I laugh, cry, yell, and scream alongside my classmates as we watch our Mats leave it all on the field.  I have never felt so much a part of a community as I do when I am at those Friday night games. There’s just something contagious about the energy surrounding a football game, something that cannot be contained or ever fully explained in words, it has to be felt.

Aside from football, fall also kicks off a whole new school year. As us students feel the days getting shorter and the wind colder, we know that school is right around the corner. Fall shouldn’t be seen as the end of fun and carefree sun-soaked living, because fall is really just the beginning. Fall ushers in a whole new school year, filled with limitless possibilities and a plethora of chances to make this year a better year than the one before. School is tough, especially in such a competitive atmosphere like Miramonte, and it is extremely easy to get swallowed up by it. Come winter break, I’m about ready to hop in my car and drive as far away from school and all of the stress it causes me as quickly as possible. But in fall, everyone is on a level playing field. Nobody has all of his or her relationships formed, grades set, sports season ended, or extracurriculars completed like he or she would have later on in the year. We all know that the leaves change in fall, but not everyone realizes that it is also the best time to change our own colors and attitudes.

So turn on that football game, kick up your tired feet, drink some hot chocolate, and mentally prepare yourself for the year ahead because it’s kickoff time.