How to Lead a Satisfied Life: Road Trip!


Elizabeth Chenok, Managing Editor

Open road. Wind in your hair. Loud music, accompanied by awful singing. What’s more to love? Road trips are not only convenient to get to a location at a relatively low cost, they are also a great opportunigy to connect with others and lose yourself on a  journey. One of the best ways to lead a satisfied life is to explore different locations outside of your hometown; travel opens your eyes to new sights and people that you might not otherwise have the experience of meeting in Orinda or the Bay Area.

The first step to a road trip is to find someone to travel with. In my experience I have found having a best friend to drive with involves wonderful conversation and generally a good taste in music! Once you’ve found this person and decided where you want to go, it’s time to hit the road! Fill up that tank and you’re off!

One of the reasons I enjoy driving so much is because you are in a confined space, yet there is so much to see right outside your window. From mountains to deserts to oceans, within 4 hours of the Bay it’s there. It also is meditative for me; I find that while driving I can focus and my mind automatically processes through whatever is coming up for me in that moment. Yes, Orinda is an incredible place, but I also find comfort in leaving for a weekend and going other places.

I recently went on a roadie to Cal Poly with a best friend. Not only were we going to a beautiful place to see two of my very good friends, we were up for the four-plus hours of bonding each way! With Bohemian Rhapsody blasting,and kettle chips crunching we were off. As soon as we hit highway 101 I knew we were up for an adventure! Naturally, our conversation went from average to philosophical and from deep to joking. We sang our hearts out, listened to some great show tunes (I may or may not know every lyric to the Rent soundtrack), and laughed (was this safe? Debatable).

When two beings are in a car completely comfortable, I feel at ease. Friendship and connection is very alive inside of me and I think that to lead a satisfied life, having a meaningful discussion lis key. It comes easily when driving because, what else is there to do?!

Once you have arrived at your location, there aren’t many feelings more satisfying than getting out of a car and reaching up to the sky knowing that you’ve just traveled however many miles to get to this place. Then there is adventuring ahead!

Personally, I find it satisfying to get myself wherever I need to go; driving is one way to do that. With open road, good music, and friendship galore, road trips are a definite must for a satisfied life.