Set Your Soul on Fire

Colleen Burke, Opinion Editor

What makes your heart sing? What sets your soul on fire? Too cheesy? Who ever said that cheesy was a bad thing…?

Music is something that should envelop your body, take hold of every part of you, and fill it with some form of emotion. Whether it be content, melancholy, morose, disgruntled, irate… It does something for you. It promotes some form of feeling and allows your mind to wander and to discover and to become pure again. One doesn’t necessarily need nature to have solitude and find themselves, it can be found while listening to classical song, an empowering ballad, or even a calming reggae tune.

Life, while it can get to be so much to handle, but it is never too much. Your mind is stuck on the ten page paper you have to write – or the giant test you have tomorrow – an intense deadline – a missed moment. If you are completely and utterly immersed in this stress how good can your work possibly be? It becomes nothing more than an attempt to regurgitate knowledge in a moderately lucid way when all you really want to do is sleep or scream or dance – anything other than the school work.

School, regardless of what you tell yourself when you get one bad grade, is important and beneficial for your life. It allows you to learn for yourself, understand your work habits, and teach you what you need to do to succeed. Some people with those straight A’s and valedictorian voices are just blessed and are naturally intelligent, but others of them have to work hard to get that way. Any anyone can reach that proud, confident tone of voice with hard work and determination.

Stress can eat you alive and ultimately hinder your ability to reach your potential. So go back to music, or whatever it is that provides you an opportunity to participate in something other than the mountains of work on your desk. Instead, you can be filled with oceans of love. Love and joy and purity. And once you find that peacefulness – that comfort and finally slight relaxation – you can be ready to tackle anything thrown at you. Toss a pebble at me? No problem. Hurl a ten pound boulder at me? That’s fine, I’ve got some Yo Yo Ma to keep me grounded.

People around you can certainly help you relax. But nothing can measure up to what harmonies and instruments can do. Those melodious tunes never do you any harm, you can’t get in any fights with them; they are simply there to please.

So what can you do to add some corny, heartwarming moments to your life? Dance in the rain, blast classical music; any guilty pleasure will do the trick. Do it for you and only you. At this point in life, it’s okay to be a little selfish and to take care of yourself rather than worry about everyone around you – chances are they need to focus on themselves a little too.