What It’s Like to Lose an NCS Final

Grayson Judge, Staff Writer

It’s funny how easily some things can be lost. One second and a dynasty comes to an end. One second and the mystique is lost. One second and you are now a loser.

For decades, the Miramonte Men’s Water Polo program, known as Matspolo, dominated Northern California water polo. They were the team to beat. Every team would come out their strongest when they played Miramonte, because each team wanted to be the team that beat the reigning champions. But Matspolo was tough, and lost very few games. They built a dynasty, producing countless wins and scores of all-Americans. But all this came crashing down on November 16 at Acalanes High School for the 2013 NCS Championship.

Matspolo lost Division I finals to Campolindo. Everything leading up to that game no longer became important. All of the hard work throughout the season, every practice, every injury, and every workout no longer mattered. The heart wrenching view of the Cougars jumping into the pool and celebrating a rivalry win in front of a pumped up crowd destroyed every moment of the season. Second place is never remembered.

It took a while but the pain of the loss wore off. The happy memories of the season came trickling back and there was opportunity to reflect on past events. There isn’t time to cry about losses or everything that could have been done differently. Lessons must be learned from hard times in order to prevent future troubles.

Now Matspolo is the underdog. The campaign to reclaim what is rightfully theirs has already begun. Losing NCS has shocked the Matadors into an even higher state of urgency. The drive to win is stronger now more than ever and revenge is on the minds of each and every player on the team. The stage is set for Matspolo to begin a new dynasty.