How to Lead a Satisfied Life: Positivity


Elizabeth Chenok, Managing Editor

Optimism. This word holds so much positivity and incredible opportunity in it. Being an optimistic person is something I consider to be one of my greatest strengths and I largely contribute it to my fulfilling lifestyle to it. To be optimistic is to see the glass “half-full,” to find the silver-lining in any situation.
Many often think that you are born an optimist or a pessimist, but I believe this behavior is often learned. One way to live a satisfied life is to see the beauty in the world around you, even in the situations that may appear negative at first. When looking at the situation as an opportunity for growth, or a lesson to be learned, letting go of the negative feelings attached to the moment becomes much easier.
We are on the cusp of something great. Yes, we’re stressed out teenagers focusing too much on minor details, however, think about the possibilities of our  position we are in: we are about to choose our own futures. Think of hardships as connecting dots. One thing happens that might not make sense to you at the time, however, if it didn’t happen another possibility may have been missed and your whole path would be altered.
When I’m upset, lost, or hurt, I like to think about what the world is trying to tell me or show me. I believe that everything and everyone is in my life for a very special reason and that in turn motivates me to find the positives in all situations.
For example, this summer I got into an accident and was very injured. The others I was with were injured as well, and at first I was confused why this had to happen to me. However, I soon discovered that it was not only a physical and emotional test of my strength, it taught me how I handle trauma and taught me a lesson on self-care. This accident also showed me how incredible my community is through the support they offered. I am now grateful for this accident; it has altered my views on how to handle struggles and work through it.
Saying “find positivity!” is much easier said than done. Start with little things and build up, or look at past instances from your life that have shaped you… there is a lot of gratitude to be given to hardships that teach us lessons.
It may not come all at once. In fact, it takes practice, time, and care to continue this habit. Forgive yourself, and don’t beat yourself up over little things.
Though I have mostly had positive tendencies growing up, it took some will power and desire to live a more satisifed life to get to how I view the world.
Everyone makes mistakes, including the most positive people in the world. The optimist spin is to see failure as progress, “failing forward.” Continuing the belief that everything happens for a reason, mistakes become realizations. Hard times become opportunities.
Finding this positivity is key to leading a satisfied life. When you have good thoughts, your energy becomes very different to those around you. If you appear to be happy a majority of the time, your community will want to spend more time with you.
Close your eyes. Breathe. Take a moment to appreciate all the things going right in your life. Little things. The feeling of slipper socks on Christmas morning. The sound of rain against your roof going to bed. The comment your teacher made in class about how your paper was great. Trust me, they all add up.