Is it Dressing or Stuffing?

Elena Wasserman, Breaking News Editor

Well it’s that time again, school has just given us all a week of freedom; just long enough to make us crave our long two week winter break ahead that is only a short 15 school days away. Although some have had to spend this time either doing some school work an oh so thoughtful teacher laid upon the class the friday before break started, or, for us seniors, finishing up those tedious college apps that we’re all craving to just hear back from already, at least we’ve all been able to at least relax a little. Maybe we hung out with friends one doesn’t see everyday in their science class, ate more than desired on the day of thanks, or took this time to get through a season (or two…) of a show that one is currently obsessed with on Netflix. Hopefully, everyone has been able to do some of these things, but that’s not what is going to be talked about here. I think it’s finally time for the debate to be made: Dressing vs Stuffing.

Personally, my family has always called it stuffing. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA.  While being held captive in my home by this lovely thing called the flu, I was given the time to try and research the matter. Apparently, the term stuffing is generally more used in the South and East, while dressing is more commonly used in the North and West. Originally the term “stuffing” came to English print in 1538 because it was normally the, you know, “stuff” that was stuffed into the turkey for the thanksgiving meal. However, apparently some Victorian upper-class people didn’t like that term so they started referring to it as “dressing,” regardless if it was stuffed inside the bird or not.

After browsing from source to source, it became very unclear how to distinguish the two. Some places people even claim it is called filling, which doesn’t help one bit. Trying to find differences between the two was nearly impossible because everyone had their opinions on why they called it which, but no real solid answer as to why. Occasionally people would have some ingredients that they claimed was for one and not the other, but then sure enough when looking up the recipe it didn’t check out.

So Matadors, I am at a loss. I know that in this school alone there are many people who differ in their terminologies for this delicious Thanksgiving side dish. If anyone has the answer, feel free to share. All I know is that whether it;s called dressing or stuffing, it’s my favorite part of the meal either way.