Lost in Christmas

Youngjoo Ahn, Feature Editor

Christmas is probably my favorite holiday of the year. I’m the type of person who starts singing Christmas carols in mid-November and unconsciously draws Christmas trees everywhere. That type of festive, holiday cheer that unites almost the whole world is impossible to find at any other time in the year. Christmas is the time to bake gingerbread cookies for the neighbors you never see or watch cheesy holiday movies with the family you don’t know so well. One of my favorite parts about Christmas is decorating. It’s all about channeling your inner excitement into holiday cheer.

Decorating isn’t difficult and doesn’t always have to be “artsy.” Here are three simple ideas to get you pumped up to celebrate the holidays.

 Things on Strings:

As strange as this sounds, string is a versatile tool in home décor. Hanging up photos, movie stubs, and concert tickets make for interesting wall art. However, to spice things up for the holidays, you can hang up Christmas cards, little ornaments, and even little boughs of holly.

Stringing fairy lights all around your room is another perfect way to get into that holiday spirit.

Bring back old elementary school memories by cutting out paper snowflakes! You can string them together and hang them on windows, walls, or even on your ceiling. This idea can also be used with pinecones or Christmas tree cut outs.


When I think of Christmas, the first smell that comes to mind is the pine of Christmas trees, cinnamon, and of course peppermint. You can buy festive candles anywhere from Target to Urban Outfitters or you can make your own holiday candles. All you need to decorate your own candles is a plain wax candle, cinnamon sticks, and some string. Glue your cinnamon sticks around the candle and tie it with string for that finishing touch. Your new candle will smell like the holidays all day long!

Mini Christmas Trees:

Most of our rooms aren’t large enough to have a full sized Christmas tree. There are a couple easy ways to bring the holiday cheer inside.

Many flower shops and nurseries sell rosemary trees. Rosemary trees are little miniature Christmas trees just waiting for you to decorate.

Another possibility is to gather some branches that have fallen off trees and put them in pretty glass vases. Hang some lights and ornaments around and these will be the centerpiece of a very festive room.

 Christmas has so many DIY possibilities. Whether you make your own gifts or decorations or not, it’s the perfect occasion to spread the cheer.