What it’s Like to be a Junior

What it's Like to be a Junior

Grayson Judge, Staff Writer

I finally realized how much of a struggle junior year is while writing this column. There is no motivation, no hope, and nothing to look forward to for a few more long months. Back in freshman year it was so simple. Classes were relatively easy, standardized tests were not required, and the excitement of a new school carried me throughout the quick year. Sophomore year was also pretty much a breeze- the joy of not being a freshman, standardized tests were still not required, and the excitement of another year at a new school led to a simple 10th grade. But then junior year rolled around.

Everyone knows that junior year is the hardest year at high school. Life is tough. One weekend you’re taking the SAT and then the next weekend you’re taking the ACT. Honors and AP classes weigh you down and the stress of school is always present. But the main problem is motivation. By junior year, you are thoroughly burnt out. Two more years is a long time to slog through the end of high school. Seniors have the thought of graduation in one more semester to carry them to the finish line but us juniors have nothing besides the hope for a good progress report. And thats a slim chance a best.

The drama of the college application process is also a huge problem. Seniors are for the most part committed to colleges by April; for better or for worse they have decided where they will spend their next four years, relieving the constant pressure of “What College?”. Juniors, on the other hand, still have to endure the stress of intense college application. This additional stress amplifies everything else and juniors feel the need to just give up.

But in the end, life goes on. And I bet someday I will look back on this brutal year and remember many good times. Or maybe not. I can’t really think good with such little sleep.