How to Lead a Satisfied Life: Communicate


Elizabeth Chenok, Managing Editor

Communicate. A simple word thrown around, yet densely packed with meaning, challenge, and reward. How does one communicate? What does it say about them?

Communication holds a special place in my heart. People and relationships are ultra-important to me and I have worked toward the intention of staying in direct contact with those I love and care about. I have found that becoming open and honest fosters much healthier and thriving relationships.

One day, a few years ago, I assessed my friendships around me. Were they keeping the intention of what I wanted?
I decided to begin leading a more positive-gratitude filled community and spreading love. With people being at the heart of my interests, I committed to spending vulnerable, quality time with those I loved.

So what does communication look like to me, and why do I think it is vital to leading a satisfied life? I believe open and clean communication allows for healthier and thriving relationships. When you can be honest with a person, that is a layer of trust that is imperative for learning about one another. If there is a miscommunication, chances are people can become off-balance.

So all of this sounds simple, and the world would peacefully live and thrive with this communication…. right? Well it’s easier said than done. Being vulnerable, and truly saying to someone how you are feeling can be a challenge. It is much simpler written out than actually doing it.  The way to lead a satisfied communicative life is to take things slowly and appreciate when it does not work well.

Begin by communicating honestly with the person you feel most comfortable with. This may be slightly easier because there already is a base-line of trust. Slowly work your way up toward communicating with a greater group of people. Ask for exactly what you would like, yet don’t expect to hear “yes!” every time. Without the expectation that communicating honestly with others means a. you will get what you want or b. they will communicate in the same way back; it is more introspectively focused.

I have found that yes, I communicate openly with others because that is helpful for our relationship, yet I am doing it for myself. If I can’t be open and honest with myself, then I can’t with others. Therefore these two go hand in hand and have holistically impacted my life for the better.

My invitation to you: take the extra ounce to communicate with others in a positive and vulnerable way. Chances are, it will be appreciated on both ends in the long run, and will change your outlook on connections and interactions.