Social Situations: Holiday Cards


Claire Marvin, Columns and Reviews Editor

Awkward half-smiling faces, disjointed embraces, dogs in sweaters, and backdrops of places I will probably never get the chance to visit. What do all of these add up to? Holiday cards of course!

I personally love opening holiday cards. As trivial as it might sound, I actually look forward to getting the mail once I come home from school. At this point, I think my mom becomes mildly annoyed whenever I ask her if she’s gotten the mail today or not. I will literally sprint from my car to the mailbox, grab the pile of mail, and then change my pace from Usain Bolt-mode to a cool, calm, and collected speed-walk back to my house, so as to not alert my neighbors or the passing cars of my overzealousness.

Each card is unique and has its own personality. Some are vivacious; with so many loud colors and images you might mistake it for a wild and crazy Mardi Gras party invitation. Others are more reserved; with subtle pastel color schemes featuring one large portrait of a seemingly perfect happy family. And yet others are just plain funny.

My favorite part about receiving holiday cards is opening one, and seeing pictures of old friends or family members you haven’t seen in a long time. I know that pretty much every time you see an older relative they always comment “Oh wow honey, you’re so grown up,” but when I flip through holiday cards and see a family friend who I swore was still in elementary school wearing makeup and heels, I start to think the same thing.

The nice thing about holiday cards though, is that they encapsulate one year of a family’s life on paper. If you were wondering what Auntie Joe looked like in 1962, just pull out your dusty old box of family holiday cards, and volla, there is a youthful, pig-tailed Auntie Joe smiling back at you.

The holidays are a time to remember your past and celebrate the future. So rip open those holiday cards, laugh at your family and friends’ ridiculousness and smile at their successes, and remember to appreciate all of the wonderful people in your life who still choose to share their kooky, loving, and beautiful families with you every holiday season via first-class mail.