The Many I’s in Team


Maya Sherne, Online Editor

My freshman year, there were eight freshmen on Miramonte’s Varsity soccer team.  We all came into the season timid, but excited for the opportunity to play competitively with other students. As the years went on, not all eight players returned, but for those that did, we became closer and made each other feel less like teammates, and more like siblings.  This year, five of the eight original freshman have returned to play, but even so, this year seems to be the best and most exciting of them all.

Once again, our team has a large, and talented, freshman class, but unlike our freshman year, age and grade does not divide upperclassmen and lowerclassmen.

This weekend, we had the Tri Valley Soccer Tournament, which consisted of four games within the first three days of winter break.  The objective of the tournament was to get more practice playing against competitive teams, to stay in shape over break, and most importantly, to mesh with the new players.

In order to be successful as a team, it is important to know the other players strengths and playing styles, but it is also necessary that you trust their decisions and skills.

Through the tournament, and the time we spent together both on and off the field, it is safe to say that we got to know each other very well. We shared laughs, we shared disappointments, and we got to see how sweet, crazy, and talented every girl is.  We got to see shy players break out of their shells, timid players gain confidence in their abilities, and almost every player step up as a leader.

We all have high hopes for the season, but win or lose, I am so incredibly excited to go through my last season at Miramonte with this incredible group of girls.  The amazing part of being on a team is that every girl brings their unique style, strengths, and decisions to the group, and through that we are able to create a unique and strong unit.  We are not divided between grades, social groups, or clubs, we are just one team, and a wonderful team at that.