It’s a New Year

Elena Wasserman, Breaking News Editor

Well, it’s that time of year again. 2014 is slowly forming, and 2013 feels like last year. Dead week is upon us, and before you know it, finals are being slammed onto your desk. We’ve got a new year, and with it new experiences waiting to happen.

Maybe it’s just me, but every year I always write down those cheesy resolutions, and forget what they even are a few weeks later. For most teens, there is always that “get in better shape” resolution, and especially for all the lovely single friends out there, the good old “find a girlfriend/boyfriend” resolution. The year starts, one forgets to do the stupid crunches about 8 days in, and to no huge surprise, no princess or prince charming knocks on your door begging you to go out with them. It’s hard to get motivated when really nothing has changed, and all that’s different is writing “/14” as the date at the top of your paper. However, even though the days are still only 24 hours long, and the weeks go by in 7 day increments, doesn’t mean new and exciting experiences aren’t ahead of you. They just aren’t going to turn up all by themselves.

Think about it. Where were you at this exact time last year? What all happened in those short 365 days? Sure there are always days that one doesn’t remember, and it seems pretty depressing when you think about all the days you’ve forgotten because nothing especially exciting happened. However, there still are those days where you paused Netflix, got up off your lazy butt, and decided to do something. Things as simple as going out to coffee with a friend, attending a sporting event at your school, or even something as simple as picking up the groceries for your family. You never know what’ll happen, but something that is guaranteed is that nothing will happen if you don’t get up, get dressed, and go out. That saying, “there’s plenty fish in the sea,” doesn’t just pertain to people who have recently been dumped or not even had a relationship, it pertains to all of us and the memories you make when you meet new people. Money doesn’t grow on trees, friends don’t just find you, and experiences aren’t made by sitting at home. There is a lot of stress at this time in our lives. The feeling that the only thing that matters is getting good grades and preparing your resume so you can get into the best colleges. However, school is only a part of your life for 18 years, college normally for about 4, but the people you meet and the memories you make don’t depend on whether you got a B in history class.

It’s a new year, and every day is going to be different from the last. The stories you tell won’t be about your GPA or SAT scores, because those are only a small, scratch that, tiny factor of who you are as a human being. So stop worrying about the trends and the celebrity gossip, the life you live is your own. If you want 2014 to be memorable Matadors, it’s up to you make it so.