An Ode to Grapefruit

An Ode to Grapefruit

Youngjoo Ahn, Feature Editor

Through my 17 years of existence, I’ve realized that the most profound lessons come at unexpected times. College interviews I had anxiously waited so long for never came until I had forgotten all about them. Finding old childhood photos are always an emotional time for me because they bring back the memories that are tucked deep in my conscience. Just this Sunday I had another one of these moments. Right before my first round started at the public speaking tournament, I glimpsed a bottle of grapefruit juice. It was set slightly apart from the other drinks and snacks at the food table. I knew I had to buy it after remembering all those elementary schools day where I would only drink grapefruit juice. It gave me the energy, happiness, and confidence for the rest of the day. So here is an ode to grapefruit because I have so much appreciation for it.

The delightful ruby red glow enchants me

Treasures inside, tucked away, hidden from sight

Solitary, all alone, let it be

Peeling away, secrets glisten in light

Little gems cloaked in white sheets, encased

Citrus scent fills the air, it’s time to tweet

Taste buds explode from sensational taste

Tangy, sour, a little bit too sweet

One bite, two bite, it’s impossible to stop

Soon the empty shell is all that remains

Nothing else will do, not even soda pop

The unforgettable memory pains

Busy life takes over, no time to cry

No more time to worry about the past

Mock trial, debate, Mirador, oh my!

Paradise is another finished path

The unexpected glimpse of lost beauty

An old friend, so dear, so precious, unchanged

Still as wonderful as it is fruity

At once, we are no longer estranged