What Happens After High School


Grayson Judge, Staff Writer

On some day in June of 2015 I will graduate from Miramonte with the rest of the class of 2015. By then, we will have been through a lot together. Eight sets of finals, SAT/ACT/AP testing, college applications, prom and ball, and many other high school experiences will have come and gone. And those are only high school experiences. From Wagner Ranch to OIS and then on to Miramonte, I have spent thousands of hours with some of my classmates. These classmates will have dramatically affected my life and everyone else’s lives for better or for worse.

But then we will all go our separate ways. Of course best friends will still hang out and stay in touch. As time goes on though, more and more relationships will end and people will carry on with their lives. It’s crazy to think that I will never again see some people who I have seen every day since kindergarten when we graduate next year.

While high school sometimes seems like it lasts forever, in just a couple of years it will all be just a fleeting memory. If you want to take my advice, I would just stop worrying about everything and just go have fun.