Perks of being a Pescatarian


Margaret Ross, Staff Writer

Amid the fanatic vegans and vegetarians of the Bay Area lies a quiet bunch: the pescatarians. As a Californian, the pescatarian diet  is more accessible and accommodating than being a full-fledged vegetarian. Pescetarians eliminate red meats and poultry, but still eat seafood as a source of protein. Controversies over the meat industry and healthiness of consuming meat led me to adopt pescetarianism nearly five years ago.


Although I was in middle school when I spontaneously switched my diet around, there are legitimate reasons for going pescetarian. The main benefit of the diet is that I can still get protein without worrying about the risks of red meat. In a family with frequent heart disease, meat is a touchy subject. We try to avoid red meats because of the many studies showing the dangers of consuming too much meat. Having already cut down on meats, the transition was easy.


The vegan fad has brought, especially to California, an awareness of the mistreatment and questionable production of animal products. Americans should be more aware of the source of our food, and should never hesitate to stand up against something that is not right.


Plenty of reasons for going pescetarian have nothing to do with food ethics. One of the greatest things to come along with being pescetarian is a full awareness of what I am eating. I have to consciously decide where my protein is coming from, for each meal. I have a more balanced and healthy diet, and think about everything I eat.

So whether Food Inc. freaked you out, or the idea of eating a furry-eared, curly-tailed creature makes you lose your lunch, or you just want an excuse to eat sushi everyday, then going pescatarian may be your solution.