Social Situations: Second Semester


Claire Marvin, Columns and Reviews Editor

College apps are exhausting, taking the SAT and ACT are panic-inducing, and trying to keep your grades up during the first semester of senior year takes a certain kind of motivation, motivation most seniors are lacking by their seventh semester in high school. So you put your head down and barrel through the twists and turns of first semester, just praying that the coveted title of “Second Semester Senior” will make it all worth while.

Upon handing in your last test on the Friday of finals week, walking out of the dismal classroom where you were trapped for two hours through the questionably painted salmon and faded turquoise halls of Miramonte, and out into the sunlight, only one thought comes to mind, finally I am a Second Semester Senior.

But what does being a Second Semester Senior really mean? Yes, it is true that a Second Semester Senior doesn’t have to worry about keeping up his or her grades to the same extent as previous semesters because they know where they will be going to college by mid-April, and as long as their intended college doesn’t see a “significant decrease in academic performance” come June, these seniors are virtually home-free. It is also true that the majority of the anxiety that most MHS students have accumulated by their senior year dissipates quite rapidly during second semester.

However, I think that being a Second Semester Senior is more than just the alleviation of grade-induced stress, it’s a bonding experience for the whole senior class. Second semester senior year is as full of hope and excitement for the future as it is full of nostalgia for our fellow classmates and shared experiences we will be leaving behind in just a few short months.

While the Miramonte Class of 2014 could be a vague memory in coming years, and eventually forever forgotten buried deep within the immortal sands of time, right now we are here. We can still laugh with our friends, dream about our futures, and leave our tiny mark in the world together as one amazingly talented, funny, caring, driven, crazy, and oh so spirited class.

Stay c’14ssy Miramonte.