My Top 10 Holidays


G. Judge

Holidays provide ample time to go on vacation.

Grayson Judge, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be a good time to rank the best holidays of the year. Alot of factors go into choosing the best holiday: time off of school, presents received, and the holiday itself. So here they are, my top ten holidays.

  1. Christmas/Hanukkah: The best holidays by far. With two weeks off of school, presents, and lots of food, there is nothing bad about these two holidays.

  2. Thanksgiving: It’s all about the food. But the week off of school is also very nice.

  3. Fourth of July: This classic American holiday is in the middle of the summer, with no stress of school to detract from the celebrations.

  4. New Year’s: Big parties and late nights characterize the last holiday of the year.

  5. President’s Day: Four day weekend, very nice.

  6. Labor Day: A quick three day weekend early in the school year is always welcome.

  7. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Another great three day weekend.

  8. Valentine’s Day: Fun. I guess.

  9. Veteran’s Day: What more can I say about three day weekends?

  10. Halloween: Always seems to be less than mediocre. Candy is nice though.