Summer vs. Winter

Spencer Hardwick, Staff Writer

Birds fly lazily through the air, the sun shines, the grass is green and it’s socially acceptable to only shower at the little hose things at the beach. Sounds awesome right? Clearly there’s a reason why summer is the most loved season, but regrettably we are still waiting on it. Caught in the deadlock of a cold yet snowless winter, just about everyone walking the halls of Miramonte wishes it was summer, especially those girls who wear sun dresses even though it is 50 degrees outside (not that I am complaining). Unfortunately, just last week a small furry animal walked out of his burrow and saw his shadow, so we will still be waiting on the warm weather for at least another 6 weeks. And while Punxsutawney Phil might not be as accurate as Bill Martin, there’s no doubt we will still be layering up every morning for at least a few weeks.

But winter isn’t all that bad. Who doesn’t like falling asleep to the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the roof, or cars hydroplaning and hitting your trash cans? Although winter isn’t the best season for young drivers, there are still some enjoyable parts. There is skiing in Tahoe, purposely hitting puddles on the side of the road and splashing pedestrians, or even hibernation. But as enjoyable as all that sounds, I think I speak for most people when I say I miss the slow days spent relaxing on the beach, increasing my risk for skin cancer later in life.