Under Appreciated Musical Acts


Jack Kovalik, Sports Beats Editor

Just to clarify, these artists are not necessarily underground, they are just underappreciated. Recently, I have come across musical artists that none of the people I hang out with have heard of, or just did not know the name of the artist. I am going to name a few of these artists, and hopefully you will be exposed to new and interesting sounds.

 For the rap genre, I think New York emcee Skizzy Mars is not recognized by many Miramonte students. Mars creates unique and distinct beats using awesome samples from a wide variety of sources. My favorite sample has to be a line from Matthew McConaughey’s character from the movie Dazed & Confused. That sample is in “High School Girls,” a single released last year. Look for Skizzy’s upcoming mixtape Pace, coming out in early March.

Hunter Hunted is a band I stumbled upon on Spotify one night and instantly loved. Their songs calmed me down but also made sure it was a pleasing calm. If you need some good studying songs, check out their self titled collection of five songs. My favorite song by them is called “Keep Together.”

Similar to Hunter Hunted is the Mowgli’s. With upbeat and charming alternative rock songs, the band makes listeners want to jam along and play some air drums. Some good songs by them are “San Francisco” and “The Great Divide.”

The Scottish pop-synth band CHVRCHES gives electronic music a clean face-lift with soothing vocals and some pretty sweet beats. The name is actually just pronounced ‘churches,’ but I still pronounce it as ‘chvurches’… Oops. Their album The Bones of What You Believe always puts me in a good mood. Some songs I like a “Gun” and “The Mother We Share.”

Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous, I would suggest listening to British group Alt-J. The band’s awesome sounds are at first a little much to take in, but if you stick with their songs, you’ll begin to like them even if you can’t understand them. An Awesome Wave is filled with brilliant and lively songs, and some of my favorites are “Fitzpleasure,” “Breezeblocks,” and “Dissolve Me”.