Colleen Burke, Opinion Editor

On the floor of your room your eyes are hidden by clouds,

You, or your heart, cannot see a thing;

Not even your head can rationalize.


Day by day you trudge on

With an enormous feigning grin.

No one can see the truth.


Underneath it all, underneath the bark and coarse dirt,

Lies twisted roots and tender earth.

Without the towering and strong tree,

It would only be weak – breaking would be imminent.


But what else is there?

Is there ever a solitary tree in a forest?

Is a forest ever engulfed in thousands of varying trees?

There are many – closely kit trees; the same but not.


When one tree’s branch breaks,

A brother holds it up.

Below, the roots intertwine.

When no one is looking, the leaves intermingle and the bark smiles.


Upon those trees other life lives,

Weather crashes down, attempting to destroy the unity and sanctity.

But they persevere: they keep each other standing,

They provide shade and homes – they give.

What they give, they receive – a more meaningful life.