Underappreciated Artists

Jack Kovalik, Sports Beats Editor

One artist I feel does not receive the recognition they deserve is Of Monsters and Men. I know, they have a few hit songs that you’ve heard, but the rest of their album is full of wonderful and awesome tracks.  Some of the songs I like are “Love Love Love,” “From Finner,” and “Six Weeks.” Also, the band is from Iceland, and that’s pretty awesome in itself.

The first time I heard the Mystery Jets, they opened for Mumford and Sons at the Greek Theater. I was very impressed and became an immediate fan of the band. Their sound is timeless and really easy to listen to. Some of my favorite songs by the Mystery Jets are “Young Love,” “Someone Purer,” and “Half In Love with Elizabeth.”

Portugal. The Man has such a unique sound to their music and I am surprised even more people have not listened to them. Their latest album, Evil Friends, helped me get through fifteen hour flights over the summer. The band is from Alaska. Who do you know that’s from Alaska? Anyways, the band is good at making music, and you should listen to “Plastic Soldiers,” “Modern Jesus,” and “Evil Friends.”

Finally, I would just like to say that I think Ke$ha rocks. Timber is in my current song rotation, and it seems like she just continues to produce bangin’ songs.  “We R Who We R” undoubtedly has one of the best intros of all time.