How To Lead a Satisfied Life: LIVE

Elizabeth Chenok, Staff Writer

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ~Oscar Wilde

As I close off my career as a world-renowned columnist, I reflected through my pieces and the different messages I was sending out to the universe as advice, and I realized there’s a common theme through all of them: to go live. Truly live. Not sit in front of a screen, or mope around, but to get out and DO SOMETHING. Love the wind. Love your friends. Love yourself. As a generation who more and more becomes infatuated with little things, people often forget the small things. The joys in life. Hearing a baby laugh, or laying out on the grass and laughing because it’s so simple yet full of happiness. Dancing ridiculously to music with your classmates, or running through the halls for no reason. These moments are unaware and beautiful.

Forget the embarrassment, or the weirdness you might be causing. Because once uninhabited, the potential is immense. The potential to laugh and to love fully and to be free of societal chains. To live is to do what you want, to say what you feel. If that be sitting in front of a computer, if that sparks your fire, do it. I’ve found, from my perspective, that does not fuel me. What serves me is being outside. Being with people I love. Sometimes, it’s being alone. Being productive and feeling accomplished.

I draw a lot of my inspiration from children. I nanny some of the sweetest kids and their joy in the small things and desire to explore and learn is refreshing. They are living and growing. There is a misconception that you stop growing as a young person. Yes, maybe your body stops growing, but your mind does not. There will always be more experiences to have and more people to meet, and that growth is what living is.

In closing on my time at Miramonte, and my time writing for The Mirador, I have changed, evolved, become myself. And looking back at the Elizabeth who wrote her first column ever I can only laugh at all the experiences I had no idea were coming for me. My wish for this world is to continue with this, be in a dark bliss right now not aware of what’s coming next. And I’m sure the world has something wonderful and creative  in store for me. My hope for all my dedicated readers (hi mom, grandpa, and anno) is to take chances, do what scares you, and experience the world in the way that you want. Smile, shine, love.