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Cartier LOVE bracelet

Cartier LOVE bracelet

Margaret Ross, News Editor

If there’s one way to drain your trust fund in a snap, it’s glimmering, glistening jewelry. Take Cartier, for example. The iconic stack of gold bands that Kylie Jenner sports on her wrist is not just worth $35,000; it is, as Cartier itself says, “a universal symbol of love and commitment.”

Jenner’s minimalist bracelets are from Cartier‘s LOVE collection, which includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. In 18-carat pink or yellow gold, the LOVE bracelet is $6,600, and in 18-carat white gold, $7,100. Jenner’s diamond-encrusted LOVE bracelet, which she wears less often because she’s a tasteful girl like that, costs $42,600 alone. I could mention the LOVE rings, but for only $1,200, who cares?

Cartier is known around the world for having the highest quality jewelry possible, so you know you are not just paying for the finest quality gold and gems, but for the tiny inscription of the word Cartier on the inside of the bracelet band. But don’t worry about appearing flashy, no one will ever see the Cartier signature. LOVE bracelets lock to your wrist and can be opened only with a screwdriver, to symbolize inseparable love, of course.

When you’re thinking of how to show your high school sweetheart of one month that you really are committed, just ask yourself: bracelet, ring, or necklace: how far would you go for love?