How to Spend Your Holiday Money



Margaret Ross, News Editor

What do you plan to do with all that cash that rolled in from your loving family during the holidays? If you are having trouble deciding what new 2015 trend to invest in, let me narrow down the list for you. The only thing worth your hard-earned holiday gift money this month is sushi. The Bay Area has one of the highest concentrations of quality sushi restaurants in the world, behind, probably, Japan or something. Here are some of the local sushi places most worth your money.

For a simple intro to the world of sushi, try Manpuku on College Avenue in Berkeley. Packed up in the tiny restaruant is a flare of authenticity and taste. From bento boxes to basic rolls, this quick sushi stop has all the makings of a great intro to sushi. Try the classic rolls and miso soup.

Closer to home, and with a little more creative twist, is Oyama, in Lafayette. If you can handle spicy, try the Golden Bear or Hot Mamasita Roll. Along with intriguing rolls, Oyama serves sashimi, entrees, and bento boxes to tingle your taste buds.

Dress up to drop your dollers at Sasa, in Walnut Creek. Sasa extends beyond the reach of typical Japanese cuisine. In addition to the sushi menu is an entree menu with a classy take on Japanese seafood. Included are dishes like tempura shrimp lettuce wraps and tuna parfait. The sushi is tactful and tasteful, presented in its simplicity. Sasa’s shining characteristic is the quality of the seafood.

Venture to Uzen, in Oakland, for an authentic and fresh experience. With fish of exceptional quality, Uzen offers delectable sashimi, nigiri, and rolls. The scallops are a constant favorite, and don’t be afraid of the uni (sea urchin). Opt for the simpler presentations of fish at Uzen, and pay attention to what is fresh and special that day.

For a close-to-home taste of Japan, Sushi Island, in Orinda, offers rolls from the simple to the sensational. Something about that creamy sauce on the Orinda Roll doesn’t scream authenticity, but you won’t be able to get enough of it. The Fireworks Roll is more of an experience than a meal if you’re sitting at the sushi bar and watching the chef torch your lunch. The classic menu offers simpler rolls of decent quality to satisfy the sushi cravings.