The Problem with Black Floppy Hats


J. Kovalik

The collage made while at Outside Lands.

Jack Kovalik, Columns & Reviews Editor

Last summer, I had the fortunate experience of going to Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco with a couple friends. We had a great time, and the music was fantastic. However, I noticed an alarming trend while at the festival. It seemed like every girl I saw was wearing a black floppy hat.

I get it, music festivals are for your three best and most radical outfits of the year. But seriously, someone needs to tell these girls that they all looked the same.

I am all for creativity and expression, but when large amounts of people do the same as you do, no one seems creative or original. That is one of the problems we have today. Everyone tries to be different, which ends up leaving everyone the same. I am going to stop getting into society’s problems now, because I know that I don’t know enough about the complexities of society.

Maybe to be “mainstream” is the new unique. Reverse reverse! (Chacha slide anyone?)… Anyways, this year at Outside Lands I truly hope to see some creative style decisions. Perhaps a brave girl will wear a white floppy hat.